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Netflix and Cuddles

A loud ring of the school bell signaled the end of a rather long school day. Everyone was excited because they knew that tomorrow was the day everyone will go to work with their parents.

So it came as no shock when the sounds of chairs being pushed out from desks, the clamor of books and supplies being quickly forced into backpacks and little feet running out of the room.

Carter, on the other hand, took his time. He placed his items into his backpack carefully, slowly and quietly pushed his chair out then stepped to the side to push it back under the desk.

Carter swung his backpack onto his back and grasped the straps as he walked towards the front of the room to address the teacher.

Like a gentleman, he smiled shyly looking over the teacher's shoulder as he still had trouble looking at people in the eye. "Thank you for the day's lessons. I hope you have a good weekend Ms.


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