Neighborly Relations
Neighborly Relations semi-public sex stories

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Neighborly Relations

Gerard had this neighbor.

A pretty handsome man in his mid-twenties, dark hair, rather short, tattooed.

He didn't want to sound desperate but it was an underestimation to say Gerard found him hot or fancied him. No.

Gerard fucking adored him, that guy was a god to him, and an awfully beautiful one.

This god's name was Frank Iero. Finding that out was pretty easy for Gerard, he just had to look at the nameplate.

And, caused by the fact that Frank's apartment was right underneath Gerard's,

there were several more things Gerard had been able to learn about him – although Frank had moved into the building only three weeks ago – and all these things led to an even deeper adoration.

Frank liked rock music. Loud rock music.

Also, he liked drinking alcohol with his friends, and these two things combined equaled countless, very noise-intense evenings with howling guitars and loud laughter.

Gerard was sure that he'd complain a long time ago if it was any other neighbor, but he really didn't want Frank to think he was square or boring, and who needed sleep at 3 AM anyway.

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