Neal Doesn’t Dislike Archie But...
Neal Doesn’t Dislike Archie But... david archuleta stories

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Neal Doesn’t Dislike Archie But...

Neal knows how uncomfortable he makes Archie and Dave keeps telling him to be nice to the kid. He gets that Dave has this weird connection with Archie.

Dave went through this life changing Idol experience without Neal or Andy so there’s always going to be this kid around who gets it.

Of course Neal is getting paid to do what he loves so he’s not pissed at Dave at all.

Andy has a lot more reason to be pissed, and if Andy’d had an issue well that would’ve been fucking different.

So Neal makes the kid uncomfortable but he doesn’t feel bad about it. He can’t say he likes the kid but he doesn’t dislike him either.

He matters to Dave and Dave matters to Neal so by some fucking convoluted logic Neal figures he has to be decent to the kid.

Or at least helpful. Neal figures if the kid can’t see through him then the kid is fucked. The kid takes him at face value and doesn’t trust him which is fucking stupid.

What the hell is he going to do to the kid? If the kid takes some assholes innocent puppy act at face value he could get into a world of hurt.

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