Nautiscarader's Wendip prompts
Nautiscarader's Wendip prompts oral sex stories

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Nautiscarader's Wendip prompts

The couple on screen were exchanging the same lines for quite some time now, much to the dismay of two teenagers on the couch.

- Ugh - grunted Wendy - Wasn't this series supposed to be about wars? In stars?

- I never thought I'd say it, but... where is Bink-Bink when you need him? - Dipper replied, equally disinterested.

A moment of judgemental silence later, he saw his friend's stare with a corner of his eye and quickly backed off from that idea.

- I find your lack of better characters to choose from disturbing... - she muttered to him.

When another idyllic and definitely action-lacking scene passed, Wendy couldn't contain herself any longer.

- Get on with it! - she shouted.

And much to her surprise, something has happened. The girl on screen ended up right underneath the boy, rolling down the grassy hills, with their bodies entwined.

The shot changed to reveal the two in a very unequivocal situation, about to engage in more than just a long and passionate kiss.

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