Nature Boy
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A fiction by silassolarius posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Nature Boy

The months after Johnny and Dally died were hard everyone, especially Ponyboy. He stopped eating and sleeping, stopped writing and drawing.

Instead he put all his energy into studying sometimes working until he literally collapsed in exhaustion. He was spiraling and no one knew how to help him.

It left Darry terrified and for a long while he would be forced to bury his brother next.

Then, something changed.

None of them knew what it was all they knew was that Pony slowly began to get better. He started to eat and sleep again, and carry both his journal and his sketchbook everywhere he went.

He even started going out again (although none of them knew where exactly he went, they were just glad that the baby of their family was showing some life again).

It took nearly a year but finally everything in their small world was back to normal, or rather, as normal as it could get without Johnny and Dallas anyway.

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