Natsu's Stars in Lucy's Sky
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Natsu's Stars in Lucy's Sky

After knocking on the closed door of the office, Lucy entered the beige decorated room and gave a timid smile to the woman who introduced herself as Nora.

"Let's get started right away, shall we?"

Lucy sat down on the softly padded chair and crossed her legs as she started talking. "So, uh I guess the first time was after the King's party.

" She blushed and paused, lacing her fingers together and then swiftly pulling them apart to wipe them on her thighs.

Her gaze dropped to her lap and then after a soft sigh, she stiffened her spine and spoke again.

"You sure you want all the details I can remember?" Without waiting for a response, the blonde celestial mage pursed her lips and continued.

"It was late after all the dancing and we were playing hide and seek, chasing each other in the rooms opened to the public.

We were running farther and farther into the private areas of the palace and we found a sumptuous guest room. We locked ourselves in with a couple of bottles and proceeded to drink."

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