Narcissus Perfected
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Narcissus Perfected

Root really was a well-educated man.

Oh, not that one could tell by looking at him, but he had received some of the best schooling available.

Bastard of it was that he had slipped into a bottle one night, when he was twenty, and had rarely poked his head out since.

In the past, he would stick his head out occasionally to bug his family for money, as he had squandered most of his on bad deals and the ever-present bottle.

But, that avenue had long been closed-down, and he’d had to find other means to acquire money; not only for his debts, but also his drinking habit.

He had, however, poked his nose out in drunken interest when he received a strange offer from an old clout named Cutter one night; an offer to be a ‘double’ for a magician.

The old man said if he took this job and didn’t squawk about it, he would be well-paid, and that was all Root needed to hear.

So, he rose up from the dregs of his half-empty bottle to follow the old man to a wonderful old theater to meet his employer.

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