Nancy Drew and the Case of the Troublesome Trashcan
Nancy Drew and the Case of the Troublesome Trashcan fanfiction stories

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A work by lirin adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Troublesome Trashcan

One never got much time to catch a break, working for Perry Mason.

Della Street had just returned with Perry from a delicious lunch celebrating their latest trial victory, and already there was another client awaiting their attention.

handsome, and his daughter was

polite,” Gertie rhapsodized as she filled them in. “He’s waiting in the law library.”

“Thank you for fitting us in,” the man said as Della let them into the main office. He extended his hand to Perry. “Carson Drew. Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Mason.”

“Pleasure to meet you as well. This is my secretary, Miss Street.”

Della nodded to them as she took her usual seat: next to Perry’s desk, steno pad and pencil at the ready.

“To begin with, will I be representing you or your daughter?” Perry asked.

“Hopefully, neither,” Carson replied. “But Nancy’s the one who’s been accused of a crime.

As the accuser was probably committing a crime himself at the time, I highly doubt that he will follow up on his accusations, but better safe than sorry.

Normally, I would be on hand whenever Nancy needed legal representation, but since I’m not admitted to the bar in California, I sought out the best lawyer I knew of who was.”

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