Mysterious maid
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Mysterious maid

He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his stunning, he saw his room was different. Everything was, neater, cleaner, from the furniture to the decor.

And nobody was in his apartment at the moment. Well, at least he hadn't found anybody yet.

"Hello?" He stroked his orange hair back and asked softly. He was partly scared, and partly curious.

No answers.

He checked around carefully one more time and was sure there was nobody there except himself.

"Alo? Val? Did you come to my apartment?"

"No, big brother. I told you that I was going to stay either at the student hostel or Valentino's. But what happened?"

"Um…No-Nothing. Nothing matters, really. I'm sorry. I just- (

) Never mind. Everything's fine."

"Are you sure, big brother? Are you hiding..."

"No, Val, no." He cut off. "Everything is just fine. I am tired and my head is dizzy I might be talking nonsense. Sorry."

"No problem. But if there were anything give me a call. You did make me worry. Remember that, okay?

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