My Universe Will Never Be The Same
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My Universe Will Never Be The Same

That voice was small and easily drowned out by the voice that cried,

Bruce wandered aimlessly around the tower, just walking, trying to bring himself back to consciousness so he could be reasonable again.

But there was nothing reasonable about it. He just wanted to


to see him.

"J.A.R.V.I.S.?" He sighed as he stood numbly in the communal kitchen.

"Dr. Banner, if you proceed to the workshop, you will find Mr. Stark still very much awake."

"Thank you," Bruce said, voice still soft.

The AI had seemingly come to understand his problem in the months since he'd moved into the tower and was always ready to supply him with where Tony was when he needed to know.

Bruce padded slowly over to the elevator and rode it all the way down to the garage workshop where Tony tinkered on the classic cars he liked to restore and re-engineer.

As soon as he laid eyes on the billionaire, looking every bit like a run of the mill grease monkey as he leaned under the hood of a car, Bruce felt the tension fall from his shoulders.

Tony was alive. He was okay. There was no need to disturb him. Seeing him was enough.

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