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A fiction by angedelumiere posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

My Sunshine


It was big news if a Japanese business deal impacted Europe. The East Asia economy was stable, firm, unshakeable. European markets were weak, toppling at the slightest tremor.

A beautiful woman scratched just behind the tucked ears of a misty gray pit bull. “Just look Asimov,” she cooed, slanted eyes flitting over the English paper. “Look at what our boy is doing.”

Tokyo Tycoon Expands: Sion Industry Floods Market with Themed Clubs

The pit bull wagged his tail. “Good boy,” the woman dropped the newspaper on the granite countertop.

“Do you need to go outside?” Ruffling her waist length black hair, her his swayed as she walked to the glass wall.

A pure white Pomeranian wove between her bare legs, yipping in glee as she slid the door open. Asimov trotted faithfully behind the much smaller dog onto the penthouse terrace.

For such a small dog, Ruger had absolutely no fear of heights. She loved to watch the London skyline, and they often left the patio door open so she could go as she pleased.

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