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this is the story of my life, and it's a story that I finally get to write myself...

My Story

If this is my story then why don’t I write it? Why do I keep giving the pen to others? You’d think I’d learn… yet I do it again.

I let every person to write a chapter Most aren’t even pretty… they hurt

Three girls took turns writing For years and years till we turned 13 Then one took the pen and wrote She wrote of this girl who had no worth No worth to her or the ones who left Worthless to her family and to herself

Then one day she dropped the pen Her damage was done the story wanted to end

But then a boy picked it up and slowly fixed the tears He filled the story with hope, hope for better The boy had no name or a face for weeks But the story became to know him His name, his quirks, his face.

The story put it trust in the boy And the boy kept writing adding joy He added friends who cared He taught the girl she had worth Page by page Day by day She grew and smiled again

Three years have gone by The boy and the friends each writing Every page filled with smiles except a few The few where another wrote deep in heart This other tore a page and brought back doubt But her friends keep the dark at bay

But now their days of writing are closing And this girl is worried, can she write her story? She’d rather they stay and write forever The boy who changed the story And the friend who have helped.

But they’re all leaving and so is she What is a friend gets hurt and I’m not there? What if the world doesn't love them like me? What if they don’t come back? What if the boy never comes home?

I'm a scared book

A book with an unknown ending

I will soon receive the pen to my life

But all I worry about is the story of those I love Come back, stay safe and write my story again.

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