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My Solider

My Solider

Sitting in the small office at Teller-Morrow, with the door wipe open a gentle warm summer breeze flows in, it's been a average day, repos, angry customers on the phone and in person,

mechanics coming in and out every now and then as well as the occasional Son.

I none to gently hang up the phone after having an irate customer yell at me for the last fifteen minutes because their car wasn't cleaned properly after their service

I let out a huff of air and hang my head, palms resting on my forehead.

"Rough morning baby?" I hear from the door

I lift my head and look over, the Queen standing in the door way.

I give her a strained smile "ain't nothing I can't handle Gem; just a pissed of customer, apparently his car wasn't cleaned properly" I roll my eyes

Gemma lets out a laugh "really? What do they think we are? A god damn car wash?" She says as she places herself in the seat opposite me.

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