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My Shaman Love

It's a clear day, cool and sunny, with the fresh wind blowing at my back. My steps are quick and sturdy, showing the utmost confidence, but within are a swarm of butterflies tickling my stomach.

My eyes seem to take everything in more perceptively than usual, and my hands are clasping the strap of my satchel for support.

In one fist is a rolled up paper labeled 'Sweet Amoris High', and printed on it are words detailing the great curriculum and hospitality that the school has to offer.

I have no doubts myself of the school's capability, but it's the dread of being thrust into too new an environment that makes my heart beat so fast.

I've been suspicious of new crowds ever since middle school. At first, no one seemed to care about what I looked like.

But when I entered the sixth grade, other kids started poking fun at my white hair and gold eyes, and when they heard that I'm Mongolian they taunted me and called me 'Genghis Girl'.

High school was no better and I was often the butt of many jokes, especially within the snippy girls' cliques.

Perhaps it wan't a good school district, as my parents suggested, but I'm not so sure that this new one will be any different.

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