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A written piece by mountainmarie adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

My Poilu

'National Service, women land army. God speed to the plow, and the woman who drives it.' I read aloud from the recently posted propaganda poster.

This made reference to the many women who were farming and caring for the land left behind by our boys.

It didn't seem right to me, how while our boys are knee deep in blood and mud that all I can do is pick up the chores they left behind and build mortar shells.

I know that many women are doing their best to help the war effort, but I felt as though I could do more.

I decided that I'd think on it, and figure out what more I could do, surely there would be something.

I had to meet my mother for tea, so I put the thought to rest, I prepared myself for belittlement, and "why don't you"'s.

"You know that some officers will be back on leave soon..." she stated. "Its about time you found yourself a handsome young man.

" She blew on her hot tea and looked at me through her round spectacles. I looked out the window into the dreary, man less street as I sipped my warm tea.

She stirred her tea, and removed the bag, her overbearing eyes never leaving my pale face. "Jane. I pity you." she spat. I turned and met her eyes with a raised brow and pursed lips.

"What?" I asked, with genuine curiosity and a hint of sass. "Jane, I pity you." she repeated.

"Why don't you meet a nice man? 23 Is the prime age to wed," I took a deep breath, this was a regular conversation, but this time it was more stern and serious.

"Mom" i told her "I'll find a man when the time is right, Besides right now they're all a little busy." I had used this excuse time and time again, her patience with me was wearing thin.

"Why don't you ask your sister?" she inquired."She knows how to get a man, it'll be good for you to hear her opinion." "I've already talked to her."I say. "She told me to just be myself.

" "Well that's not working." she said bluntly. "I would advise a new tactic. I just worry about you darling, that's all.

" At this point I was frustrated, she didn't pity me, she pitied my dying eggs. "Mom. I'm fine, I like being independent." I tell her. "I'll find a man, just not now.

" "If not now,then when?!?" she hissed. "Mother, Patience is a virtue." I added, no sense in loosing my head. She sat back in her chair with crossed arms and began to shake her head.

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