My love for a soldier
My love for a soldier major character death stories

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My love for a soldier

I'M Elissa 19 years old I live with my mother and six of my sisters I'm the oldest my sisters look up to me to take care of this family.

our mother linda doesn't do much our farther left us years ago when I was 3

Today I have to make dinner our uncle is coming to see us we haven't seen him in 2 years "mother I have to go get something's from town. do you need anything."

"No I'm fine just go. your uncle will be here soon."

I started walking to town I love living on the country said of England it was quiet and peaceful. I started to hear horses behind me I turned around to see four horses coming beside me.

one of the horses went by so fast I fell to the ground then I heard Another horse but this one stopped. that's when I heard a voice "are you alright?"

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