My Little Secret
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My Little Secret

Rushing through the early streets of Miami, a black 2015 BMW i8 zoomed by. With the number plate stating "LJ" people knew who it was. The Latina was frustrated because of two reasons.

One she knew that she will be stuck in the traffic which will cause her to be late, and two her phone was going off like crazy.

the green eyed beauty knew who exactly was calling and texting her, but she still chose to ignore it.

Trying to keep her mind of the situation she turned on the radio and with her luck the song suited her situation perfectly.


Are we serious right now....from all the songs they had to play "stitches" by Shawn Mendes to suit my situation.


Way to start my day.First i will be late for my class thanks to this never ending traffic, and than i had this huge argument with

yesterday, ruining my mood

How many surprises will today bring me???some one up there must really hate me.

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