My Lady (title subject to change)
My Lady (title subject to change) alexandra/adrien (friends) stories

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A fiction by lit_cinnabun adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

My Lady (title subject to change)

She sat on a bench, staring at the tower. She couldn't believe it. She was stuck in European, lovey-dovey Parisan hell. Stuck for a year, at least.

Her name was Alexandria Fu, and her father was in the American Army. She looked up, pushing her short, unruly hair out of her eyes. She stood and began walking, turning her gaze back down.

She walked back to the hotel, where she and her family were staying until her father could find an apartment. It wasn't that they had no money, it was that there was no room for the Fu's.

Not in Paris, anyways.

As she stood on the sidewalk, an overwhelming sense of loneliness consumed her.

She had had all summer to make friends so she wouldn't be alone when school started, but she only knew a little French, barely enough to keep a conversation going.

And no one around her had ever bothered to pay attention in English class, evidently. She sighed. On the bright side, she'd excel in at least one class.

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