My Immortal
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My Immortal

Reyes-Doggett Home

Washington, DC

July 26, 2030 -- 10:24pm

It was late, and dad and mom were fighting. Again. And it was her fault. Again.

Tessa told herself not to listen, but she couldn't help it. She had that

all day long, growing in the pit of her stomach and the back of her head. So she listened, her ear pressed to the bedroom door, as tears silently streamed down her face.

"Damn it, Monica, she's

! She's too old for this and you know it!"

"And what would you like me to do about it, John? JJ slept with his security blanket under his pillow until

was twelve and he

sleeps with his stuffed tiger. So she's twelve. She's also shy, and introverted—"

"Exactly! How can you expect her to break out of her shell and talk to

people when she's talking to herself all the time?"

"Why don't you admit what really bothers you, John? It's not that she has an imaginary friend, it's

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