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I was walking, and she was walking. I was running, and she was screaming.

My Heart


I was walking, and she was walking.

I was running, and she was screaming.

I was crying, and she was bleeding.

A crowd formed around me, holding her. I couldn't call the ambulance, I was so in shock that all I could do was hold her as I sobbed. I screamed her name several times, shaking.

*Shaking, shaking, shaking.* Blood trickled down her head, taking two different paths as it reached her nose. My thumb smudged the blood that found its way to her right cheek.

Sirens could be heard from a distance, getting closer. Soon, paramedics took her away and I followed. *"What happened?"* One paramedic said to me.

*"What?"* I said, confused, no not confused, *scared.*

*"I-I don't know what happened. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know!"* I couldn't believe what was happening. What if she dies? No, I can't think like that.

I can't *afford* to think like that. Losing her would be like losing my heart. I can't live without her as much as I can't live without my heart.

Before I knew it, I was in her hospital room, sitting beside her body. I wasn't sure if she was even breathing, she had to be, though. Her heart rate was there, barely, but it was there.

I held onto her hand, hoping she'd live, *knowing* she'd live. "I love you." I whispered. I swear she mouthed it back, her lips moved, *she moved*.


Silence. Panic.

My heart stopped.

*Her* heart stopped.

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