My Heart Belongs to You
My Heart Belongs to You childhood sweethearts stories

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My Heart Belongs to You

Of the thirteen realms, the Land of the Forgotten could be considered one of the most depressing and empty, though it was nothing compared to the Land of the Cursed just beneath it.

It was always snowing, and the sharp edges and stalactites gave the realm and unwelcoming air.

There was not a single sign of color nor life, other than the Forgotten souls that wandered around seeking the comfort they would never find.

In the middle of that gray realm was a castle with the shape of two coiling serpents, in the middle of a great lake of lava; the snakes had open mouths with sharp teeth,

one of them containing the throne room of its Lord and Master. Candles of green fire were lit on various parts of the outside, giving the castle an even more eerie appearance.

The bridge that connected it with mainland had also the shape of two serpents, showing that the ruler of that realm had an affinity for the reptiles.

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