My Guardian Angel
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My Guardian Angel

Nathan's POV

'Here's to another day of hell' I thought to myself as I truged my way to the bus stop. I'm grounded from using my car for a month because I got a ticket.

I mean come on who actually slows down for a yellow light!? I sure as hell don't. And now I'm here dragging my ass to a bus stop at the shit of dawn to catch the stupid bus.

I reached my stop with a few other kids. One of them put their bag on the ground and laid down on it to take a nap before the bus arrived.

I dont blame him only parents and people without lives wake up at 6 in the damn morning. 10 minutes passed before the bus finally showed up.

I quickly climbed on and made my way to the last seat so I wouldn't have to sit by anyone.

I closed my eyes and rested my head against the window, figured I should get a couple more minutes of glorious sleep before I reach my hell on earth or in simpler terms SCHOOL.

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