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My Girl

By Leighann

I owe this story to Singerme for giving me the one of her wonderful Kitty moments and then let me run with it, and when I thought it was finished showing me the path I missed.

I don’t own the rights to the characters, nor do I make any profit just taking them off the dusty shelf for a bit of fun.

Also, any and all grammar/spelling mistakes are all mine, so be kind when pointing them out.


Kitty stood at the end of the bar, looking over her books.  The night was fairly quiet and she was savoring the peace of it.

Trail herds were due to start arriving shortly and she knew once they did,

work on her books as well as a lot of things would necessarily have to take second place to servicing the many cowboys that would be coming in.

Of course, her mind wasn’t totally on her books. There was the matter of a certain tall lawman who hadn’t been by to see her in two days.  She knew he was busy, getting ready for the herds.

And it wasn’t the first time he’d been in town but not around her or the bar.  But that knowledge did little to lessen the irritation and longing of wanting him and not having him near.

Just as Kitty finished up a column of figures, she heard a crash and turned to see Sam kneeling over a broken beer mug, a cut on his hand.

“Sam!?” She rushed over to his side, pulling his hand to her to examine.  “What happened?”

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