My Favorite Mistake
My Favorite Mistake tw: infidelity stories

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My Favorite Mistake

It was an old brick warehouse that housed Peeta Mellark’s studio - one of at least a dozen on this block alone.

This neighborhood had been a busy part of the shipping wharf but, during the economic slump, many businesses closed up shop and left for other parts of Panem and the world,

where it was cheaper to move their goods.

Real estate developers saw an opportunity during the market upswing and turned the abandoned warehouse neighborhoods into a kind of SoHo, full of artists,

writers and those who simply enjoyed the vibrant environment of coffee shops and independently owned bookstores and galleries.

On any given day, a discussion of Matisse or David Foster Wallace  could be interspersed with a cogent intellectual analysis of the new X-Files trailer.

This wasn’t exactly Katniss’s scene. She worked and lived on the Seam side of town, with its  brick and metal factory buildings, grimy streets and mom and pop delis.

Katniss worked at her uncle Haymitch’s bar and lived in one of the apartments upstairs from it while she figured out what she was going to do about life.

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