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I'd recently become a panwere. Well I say panwere, but I couldn't shift. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about I carry various strains of Lycanthropy.

There was only one other that was like me, but she carried even more strains than I did.

I held, Wereleopard, Werewolf, Werelion, Weretiger (Blue, there are several different clan colours, the other panwere carries all colours) and Werecheetah.

The guy that I had contracted it from -Sebastian- had a thing for the big cats and when he inadvertently contracted werewolf he lost it, well more than he already had.

So Edward or should that be US Marshal Ted Forrester and I took him down.

Yes I am a US Marshal of the preternatural branch and like many licensed vampire hunters before me I was grandfathered into it.

Which was fine by me a badge gave me more clout when it came to working with some forces. My name is Rylie Elise Renner, 28 years old from San Bernardino, California.

The vampires call me Harbinger though as of late I've noticed some referring to me as Famine, I was flattered to be counted among the for most feared by Vampires and some Shifters.

The choice made perfect sense, few had a casualty rate as low as mine. I preferred to get the innocents out of the way, leaving me free to get down to business.

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