Mutants and Proud
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Mutants and Proud

Erik stopped the missiles just as they were about to hit the beach. They suddenly came to a halt, resting in the air not fifty feet from them.

As Erik turned his hand, the missiles changed their direction, until they were pointing right at the armada of ships ahead. Charles, unable to make Erik change his mind, made a final stand.

“Erik, you said yourself, we’re the better men. This is the time to prove it.”

Charles watched as Erik sent the missiles flying towards the ships. He won't, Charles thought to himself.

/Erik wouldn't do that, would he?/ Charles began to question whether he knew his friend as well as he thought. The missiles still soared through the air. Two hundred feet from the ships.

One hundred. Fifty. Ten. Five. The missiles once again screeched to a stop, then fell into the water below. Erik turned towards his best friend and nodded.

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