must make good choices for a living
must make good choices for a living surprise murder mystery stories

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fanfic by godlet adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

must make good choices for a living

Peter's back hits a stack of crates, his mind barely registering the loud collapse of the flimsy wood that couldn't support his weight for more than a second.

His breath comes out in heavy pants that sends dizzying amounts of oxygen to his brain, fueling the adrenaline and rage while dampening the warning strain on his body.


goes the

Deadpool cheers nastily from atop a metal contraption, throwing his arms into a broad X shape near his pelvis in a crude sign.

His face is twisted with similarly unkind emotions, his voice following suit in a throaty, angry pitch that makes a mockery of his usual manic tone. “For being a fussy little

and sticking its

where it – “

With a shout of climbing frustration, Peter uses his webs to attach to opposite metal towers, launching himself like a rocket out of the pile of wood,

startling a smack-talking Deadpool with an unforgivable pair of flat-footed heels to the face.

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