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Being born without the ability to hear, from what he knew, many would consider that an almost painful way to live.

So much of the world and its activities were the focal point of sound, that one could often find entire groups of people simply turning off their reasoning and focus just to listen to it.

But while other could lose themselves in sound, Nic could lose himself in color.

The entire spectrum was his to manipulate and control as he saw fit, even in places where others felt there was no color to be had, it was always there.

Brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges could be tamed and bent to his will, while soft blues, purples, browns, and grays could be coaxed into swirling arrays of raw emotion.

Even those who were unaware of it as he was were at the mercy of the colors around them. The world could keep their sounds if they treasured them so damn much.

He had all he needed with the near endless amount of colors at his fingertips.

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