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The funeral was tiny as it was only for the people close to him and who loved him.

Kotetsu would have wanted it that way, he was too self-loathing to even imagine more than a few people actually caring enough to show up.

But, for the sake of the loving fans, Agnes aired some of the funeral anyway. Kind words were said, stories were told, laughter was quiet as everything of drowned in tears.

Kaede was a hot mess. The death of her father was something she never thought about and it came at her like a train.

It was her turn to say something, she stood as she watched the casket in the ground. She gazed at it like she was looking into his eyes.

“I admit it: I was a brat; I took him for granted more than anyone in this room. I knew that he was working away from home all for me way before I knew he was a hero.

I knew that he worked away from home to protect me so that I didn’t have to go through what he did. I knew, in the beginning, that he spent money he didn’t have to make sure I wanted nothing.

I knew he would have given up everything for me, even his own life! I knew it all! I

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