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A fiction by chelleypam adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The only good thing about the name of her soul mate was where it was located. Very few people had a reason to see the bottom of your foot.

It was especially fortunate when you managed to get yourself conscripted. She'd been certain she was about to be discovered, but there was no mandatory foot inspection.

Odd, considering how much marching was involved in the daily life of a Militia soldier.

“Hey, Foster. Looks like it might get cold tonight.” A wandering hand traced over her hip. “How about we put our tents together? Keep each other warm?”

They never learned.

Charlie brought her heel down on the instep of the other soldier. He yelped and stepped back in reflex, giving her enough room to turn and send a balled fist into his solar plexus.

There were several moves like this and she and the other female recruits had been drilled in over and over again.

Their instructors had said they wanted them to be able to do them in their sleep, just in case someone got the bright idea to come at them after lights out.

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