Mukashi, mukashi...
Mukashi, mukashi... kanshou stories

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Mukashi, mukashi...

Soft, barely audible crying and the occasional muffled hiccup finally led him on the trail to his precious little brother.

The 12-year-old sighed, wondering with a kind of weary anger what his inept, stupid, malicious, good-for-nothing elder brothers had done or said

time. For timid Ryuuki to retreat to

place... Seien shook his head. Even the oafs he had to call 'elder brothers' didn’t dare come here. Or, rather, didn’t bother.

After all, those were just stories and legends made up by illiterate peasants, right?

Again, Seien couldn’t help but snicker derisively at the thought of, for example, Iruden writing or – the Eight Sages forbid! – reading.

Ryuuki with his six years of age already knew more kanji than that...blockhead ever would! Thinking of his elder brothers, however, only made Seien frown.

He had to find Ryuuki, and he had to find him

! Because the seven-tiered pagoda was not safe at night, was, in fact,

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