Mrs. Corbett or Mrs. Chen
Mrs. Corbett or Mrs. Chen finding true love stories

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A short story by nadnerb posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mrs. Corbett or Mrs. Chen

It's Saturday night and Leo and Kendrix prepare for their engagement party.

As Kendrix is searching for the right dress to wear she suddenly spots a photograph of someone she has known for years. A note is written on the back saying, "Come visit me anytime".

She grabs it and then walks over to her bed and gleefully rests as she endulges her nostalgia as she holds the photo.

Should she meet him whenever she wishes or should she attend the engagement party go through with Leo.

As she is holding the photo her prized Yorkie, Petra then hops on to the bed to cuddle as always.

" Oh Petra, I'm just looking at a picture of a good friend of mine ", Kendrix explains to her beloved Yorkie. " You know I was just thinking how about you and I go on a nice vacation ".

Petra then barks in excitement. Kendrix later packs her bags with everything needed such as clothes, toiletries, makeup, and so on and kindly places Petra in her pet taxi.

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