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Mr Suit and Tie

Honestly, you're impressed that Sleuth's mouth can keep spewing all these excuses, and muttering all these obscenities under his breath, for so long without breathing.

The dull pain of the bandages and the cast on your leg throbs to remind you that the game has upped itself in ways that cause you to reminisce of the days of the Mobster Kingpin,

but one cannot help but wonder what sorts of adventures you are all in for now that this up and coming new gang has caught Mr Sleuth's attention.


you take a sip of tea and then try to gather your constantly scattered thoughts; attempting to catch at least one inside the net of coherency for a few valuable seconds whilst you process

what your 'oh so fearless leader' is so angry about.

From what you can gather, the explosion at the bank was caused by a gang that are calling themselves the Midnight Crew,

and subsequently said gang is also trying to take over the city's underworld.

Listening to Sleuth provides the information that their leader is a short and angry character who goes by the name of Spades Slick,

and who also has a penchant for randomly jumping detectives in nearby alleyways. This to you speaks of overconfidence, a need to fight, a primal instinct to be a fighter before a thinker.

The interview, however, that Mr Sleuth spoke of, tells you that something is somewhat amiss with the sudden appearence of this gang of mobsters. The things Mr Slick mentioned. The way he spoke.

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