Mr. and Mr ̶s̶. Stark
Mr. and Mr ̶s̶. Stark fake/pretend relationship stories

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Mr. and Mr ̶s̶. Stark

The Hub is aptly named, Tony thinks not for the first time, as a countless number of S.H.I.E.L.D. spy agents of varying rank and purpose bustle about him.

There are agents in gear ready to head out on assignment. There are agents clearly just back from assignment as they look worn and ready to just have their debriefings and be done with it.

There are medics and scientists and new recruits and even some young kids over in one corner on a field trip from The Academy,

not that they'll see much beyond the safe places designated for lower level agents just in case.

As Tony strolls up to a glass elevator that his access card can open,

he muses on how there are floors and floors below where those kids and many agents will never have the right to go for some reason or another.

He smirks a little, relishing in the privilege as the doors slide shut and he descends into the belly of the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.

The glass elevator glows with a florescent blue as it passes one floor after another.

Those floors are also open to view by large glass windows – the transparent theme throughout the agency is either a great strategy or proof of how cynical and untrusting they all are

by nature of the game they play.

His personal favorite is the Research and Development levels so he decides to bring the elevator to a stop on the main floor of the department rather than go straight to his meeting

with Director Fury; annoying the Director with his tardiness will be a bonus.

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