Moving in Stereo
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Moving in Stereo

He doesn´t know why or how exactly, but he feels like crying.

No, scratch that, he feels like crying because his whole life just came crashing down around him and he can´t even get it into words.

Richard Armitage , people would say – beloved teacher, a little anti social maybe but other than that a man that knew what he was doing. A wonderful father of two.

Another sob threatens to rise in his throat and he can´t blame the poor man staring at him from behind the counter at all.

He doesn´t say anything, just comes around and hands Richard a tissue,

mouth a tin line and Richard knows exactly that Lee wants to say something but doesn´t dare at the moment – that he blames himself for all of it even if it is complete bullshit.

Lee isn´t the One that married because he had felt like as if that was the right thing to do and he also hadn´t been the One to father two kids with someone he liked but didn´t love – never

had loved in the first place like he should have done – well, that was shit, too.

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