Mouse & Mastiff
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Mouse & Mastiff

Bob wasn’t surprised the lads had started hanging about the garage; he could hardly blame him what with his lovelies about.

Emerson had made a habit of haunting the place since Bob had taken McKenna under his wing, though Kavan wasn’t there near as often as Bob thought he should be.

Other members of the squadron had drifted through on occasion as well, depending on which lovely was currently under Bob’s tutelage. So no, it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence.

He was just a bit shocked that this bloke had shown up quite so soon.

His new little red-headed mouse hadn’t been one of his lovelies for more than a few days or so, but it was undoubtedly Freddy this Major Stockbridge had come to see.

Bob didn’t have to turn around to see just where the bloke’s gaze had landed; he knew damned well it was on the little mouse hip deep in an engine with his Victorian born lovely explaining

to her how to switch out a pair of spark plugs.

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