Mother of Sentinels
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A fiction by indygodusk adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mother of Sentinels


“Have you ever thought about answering your phone with hello?” Jarod asked.

“Have you ever thought about pretending to be less annoying?” Miss Parker answered, holding the phone against her shoulder with her chin as she put on one pearl earring.

“If you can pretend to be literally anything, why not that?”

Just hearing his voice immediately soothed away the lingering headache from her nightmare, not that she’d admit it to anyone. Stupid nightmare.

One minute she’d been running frantically through a hospital corridor with her little brother tucked against her shoulder, dodging bullets,

and the next she’d been standing in a dojo in Japan practicing Kendo to stave off boredom while her lover, Tommy Tanaka, was busy across the street at a meeting.

The dream dojo perfectly matched her memory of that summer. So did the annoying instructor who’d randomly interrupt her solo practice to offer unwanted advice.

“Stop dropping your elbow and pay attention to your surroundings,” ordered Kamiya-Sensei,

appearing unexpectedly to poke Miss Parker’s shoulder and then following up with a painful hit to the thigh. “The Mother of Sentinels should be more observant,” she’d scolded.

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