Mother Nature
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A fiction by nival_vixen adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mother Nature

Layla Williams was Mother Nature personified. Some people just seemed to forget that Mother Nature could be an evil bitch.

Mother Nature could create living and growing things, and then in the next instant, destroy and take the very life She had created. Layla was no different.

Of course, she hadn't always been an evil bitch. She'd once been a naive teenager, who thought she was in love with Will Stronghold.

With that same naivety, Layla had wanted to save mankind, woman-kind, the animals, and the rainforest. Then, something had happened and changed her.

There were many theories as to what had happened; some people said that it was because of Will dumping her,

other people said it was Magenta's betrayal when she started dating Will only days after he had broken up with Layla.

All of the theories were wrong, of course, but Layla didn't care about their whispers.

The real reason she had changed had nothing to do with her friends, or ex-friends as the case may be, but all to do with her mother. She changed on the day that her mother died.

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