Mother Immortal
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Mother Immortal

Timmain drifts in the deep, timeless waters of her mind. Encased in her silken cocoon, she hears nothing, feels nothing. Only the growing awareness of her ancient self.

She had been a wolf so long, swimming in the now.

Now, waves of memory wash over her. The pounding of four paws in the dirt, feet crashing through fallen leaves… now breaking through crusted snow.

The heavy, panting sound of her mate beside her. His thick scent wafts over her, bringing comfort. Together, they leap… and she lands alone, splashing into time. Her feet are pacing the stars.

Four, running feet fade into the forward motion of flight. She races, her mind directing her, through the glittering cosmos. And she is not alone. Eight minds unite.

She touches them, and they greet her with affection. The pangs of separation flare and fade. Ages have past since she has known them, since they have been one.

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