Mother hen
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Mother hen

After Bucky had left for work in the morning, Steve decided- stupidly I may add- that the cold October sky framed the city perfectly.

Just enough hues of blue that he was just itching to put on paper. And in Steve's mind, going on to the roof in his flannel pajamas and robe was a good idea. And as you can guess, it was not.

For two hours he sat on the concrete, scetching and colouring the blue sky. Then, he sneezed. With a rush, the trance he was in was replaced by ice cold fingers and watery eyes.

But all he could think in the midst of rushing back inside was: "Bucky's going to be pissed."

And he was.

The door slammed, Steve placed his hot tea on the counter. "Steve?" Bucky hollered. Steve heard the man removing his jacket and he nodded, bracing himself: "In the kitchen."

Bucky walked in with a grin on his face, with his black tie pulled loose around his neck, and the top two buttons of his white shirt were undone.

He looked at Steve for a moment, like assessing the situation and then he frowned. "What?" Steve asked and sipped on his tea.

Bucky looked at him for a moment longer then said: "Are you okay?" Steve nodded and held in a cough: "Yes.

Now why did you look like you just met your future wife?" Bucky nodded, suspicious, but then grinned again: "I got a raise."

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