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fiction by flyingredpanda adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Fear. There was so much fear in those blue eyes. So much fear carved into the features of that face. So much fear that pumped through my veins.

He desperately tried to fight it, caging me against a thick tree trunk. His fingers dug into the wood. His feet shifted trying to keep them out of the current.

So much of this was his worst fears and there was nothing I could do to quell them.

I could barely register the splintering of the wood that was right next to my ears. Nothing else could be heard over the roar of the monster that was the snow that flowed around us.

Not even the scream that must have torn from his throat. But the suffocating terror in those eyes was loud and clear. That was until his face disappeared.

I couldn’t reach out in time. He was ripped right out of my fingertips. I could only hope my spine could handle what was to come.

A painful yank around my waist pulled me away from the tree trunk and into the raging river of ice.

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