Mortal Kombat X - Between the Matches
Mortal Kombat X - Between the Matches mkx krypt stories

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A short story by icyraven93 posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mortal Kombat X - Between the Matches

Scorpion was in a mirror match against himself in the Krossroads arena. He launched his harpoon at his double.

"GET OVER HERE, SELF!" Scorpion yelled as he reeled the double closer to himself.

"You have issues..." the double stated. This statement brought something Scorpion had been keeping a secret onto the surface.

"IT'S TRUE! I DO HAVE BODY IMAGE ISSUES!" Scorpion cried. The Scorpion double wrapped his arms around the real Scorpion as the latter began sobbing.

"There, there, me. You're very pretty. I know this because I'm very pretty, and I'm based on you, so that makes you at least equally pretty," the double said.

The original Scorpion continued crying as he returned his double's embrace.

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