Mortal Kombat: Mind Over Matter
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Mortal Kombat: Mind Over Matter

“On!” screeched her voice. “On, all of them – turn them on! Engage their weapons! Unleash them!”

Sektor obliged his leader’s demands, throwing switches and ripping plugs from walls.

Cyborgs came to life in a flurry of beeps and small lights, their heads snapping to attention as soon as the power flowed through their suit. They were ripping bodies apart in instants.

The screams did not bother the rust-coloured robot stalking through the chamber.

His queen followed closely behind him, her cackle urging him forward. Anyone she did not discard with a quick swipe of her blades, he incinerated.

Soon they would have every Lin Kuei cyborg in their possession, and the two would be unstoppable.

They reached the end of the long hall, where the two final cyborgs stood in silence, the dust that had accumulated on them over the years now shaken into the air from the commotion.

The Empress slid around him and ran a hand down the blue metal, then turned her eyes towards the silver.

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