Mors Principium Est
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written piece by tb_ll57 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mors Principium Est

It's a tiny moment, lost between panic and grief.

Maxine Martin attacked us. Something about Amy being the first and the last.

Simon hears. And that's when Simon knows how very wrong he'd been.

Some part of him had been thinking-- some part of him had been justifying love over faith, or love as a higher expression of faith-- because if Kieren is so special, if Kieren is a miracle,

to destroy him would be hideous beyond imagining. But to be so very wrong. Never Kieren. Amy all this time.

It's a tiny moment, but it's the one that crushes him.

Insane idea, Kieren calls it, at the wake. It is. Was. And so very wrong. Amy is dead, for good now, and there was no Second Rising.

He'd been lied to, he'd lied to everyone who'd ever listened to him. Lied to Amy, who died for a stupid reason.

Kieren may still. They'll be in danger now. The ones who don't know yet will come for him. Them. Amy deserved better of him. Kieren will get it.

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