Morning Has Broken
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Morning Has Broken

Brigadier General Henry J. Wilson slid from the back seat of the Army sedan, acknowledging the corporal holding the door for him with a nod.

"If I were you, son, I'd go see if Sergeant Derriman and his people are willing to part with some of Mrs. Pennyworth's gingerbread," the officer suggested.  "I'll be leaving after dinner."

"Yes, sir!" the young man responded, fully aware of the primary perk available to Wilson's drivers – Mrs. Pennyworth's pastry.

"Dismissed, Corporal," the general said with an only half- suppressed smile.

The young man saluted, about-faced, and headed for the coach house at a brisk walk.  In fact, the General would almost call it double-time.  The woman was a master craftswoman in the kitchen.

Wilson watched the soldier disappear inside the smaller house before heading for the Cottage's rear entrance.

Given that it was December 23rd, he suspected that any major activity occurring inside would be in the kitchen.

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