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Mormor Sonnet Suite

I would have you by the window, formerly full of stars,

In this small old room, in the grey-green light of dawn.

Or I would unwind you one orange afternoon, your toes

Tanned against the white sand, sun low in my dark hair.

I would let you have me in the red of evening, hunter a

Shadow on velvet paws, long fingers and bloody breath.

Or with your ultraviolet smile glowing through our city

Smoke and secrecy. Come to me, in me, in small hours.

I had to let them have me, crush my lungs against their

Concrete walls. Fluorescent lights an unblinking white,

Glass a blank black. Grind my bones. Rinse and repeat.

I need this, please Seb, let me have you here, under me

On these clean blue sheets. I want our bones to kiss, to

See your silk skin shift over warm muscles, to feel free.

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