more than youll ever know
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A short story by running_further posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

more than youll ever know

(hiroomi's pov)

this wasn't normal, he's not normally this quiet. i leaned forward. ''Akihito, you alright?''

he looked me directly in the eye, before standing up roughly with his bag and leaving the room of the literature club. Mirai looked up, completely surprised by his reply.

i bit my lip, it wasn't normal for him to act like this, but he looked so...depressed.

i got onto my feet and picked up my bag. ''mitsuki, what's the time?''

''hmm, lunch. if your wondering where Akihito is he's probably in the toilets.'' i chuckled, couldn't get anything past this girl. ''thanks lil sis.

'' she didn't look up from the book, typical. i say thank you and she doesn't give a 'your welcome 'or anything.

i shrugged it off and stepped into the male restroom of the school, not paying attention, until i heard a faint crying.

''who's crying?'' i asked. stupid! akihito is the only person here. ''g-go away!'' well, that hurt like shit. ''akihiko, open the door...please...''

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