More Than Warriors
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More Than Warriors

A little boy huddled against the steel gray wall of his mother's spaceship.

The sparse grey furnishings of the quarantine suite were broken only by the brightly colored toys scattered around the little boy's hiding space.

"Zhane?" A breathless weak woman's voice filled the room.

"Mama?" The little boy asked, "Mama, where are you? Can I come out now? I'll be a good boy."

The woman coughed, "Zhane you are the best boy ever. You have to stay there." The woman stopped to coughed again, it was a dry, raspy series of coughs that left her gasping.

"Zhane listen, you are, you're the best. Never forget. I love you." She started coughing again.

"Mama!" The little boy jumped to his feet, "I love you mama. Let me out!"

"Be the best," the woman rasped, "love you."

Hold white threw himself at the recess door of the street "Mama let me out!" he sobbed, beating on the door.

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