More Than Meets The Eye
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More Than Meets The Eye

It all happened so suddenly and unexpectedly. The company had been on the road for quite some time- maybe a few weeks, even months, Bilbo Baggins could hardly tell anymore.

They had faced bears, Wargs, Orcs since he had left the safety of the Shire and if the Hobbit hadn’t regretted leaving his home in the Shire before, he

was now. But that hardly mattered anymore, he was far from Bag-End now. His home. With his leather bound books, his fireplace, and his

. He would not be seeing those any time soon and it filled him with longing every time he remembered it. He missed being warm, being safe, and being… well, being a

. Temptation was there, tantalizing him and trying to convince him to turn his back on the quest and just make a break for it in the dead of the night. This wasn’t

problem, this was not

Kingdom he was risking his life day in and day out for.

He could turn his back on all of this and other Hobbits of Hobbiton would hardly bat an eye, claiming that what he did was right and just (after they stopped with their gossiping, of course).

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