more than just a dream
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more than just a dream

"SHIT,” Louis exclaimed, checking his watch. “Double shit. Gonna be late. See you later!” he called over his shoulder.

“Oi! Be on time for practice today! Coach will flip a shit if you’re late again!” Liam shouted as Louis bolted toward the door and out of their apartment.

“Hey, Pez!” he greeted her jovially. “Lou, quick, tell me what the reading was about,” she hissed.

“Really? Again?” She grinned. “I know, I'm the worst. But, you know that older guy I’ve been seeing? Well, we’ve finally started sleeping together and now he’s taking up all my time.

His apartment is huge! And he’s honestly got the most amazing dick I’ve ever seen.”

“TMI!” Louis squawked. “Oh, come on! You’re my gay best friend; you’re supposed to love this stuff!” Louis shook his head and mumbled something about offensive stereotypes, but he was grinning.

He secretly did love this stuff.

When Louis' coach gave him a pointed look and said, "Cutting it close, aren't we Tomlinson?" Louis found himself cursing the man he’d run into that morning.

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